Club Bylaws

Glen Annie Women’s Golf Club
Constitution and By-Laws

Article 1 - Name

The name of this golf club shall be Glen Annie Women’s Golf Club

Article 2 – Purpose
  1. To stimulate interest in golf at Glen Annie Golf Club by bringing together a group of golfers desirous of forming a golfing organization.
  2. To promote and foster among the members a closer bond for their joint and mutual benefit, and to promote and conserve the best interests and true spirit of the game of golf. 
  3. To encourage conformance to the USGA Rules of Golf by creating a representative authority. 
  4. To maintain a uniform system of handicapping as set forth in the USGA Handicap System and issue SCGA/USGA Handicap Indexes to the members. 
  5. To provide an authoritative body to govern and conduct club competitions. 

Article 3 – Membership
  1. Membership shall be available to all women 18 years of age or older. 
  2. Memberships in the club are individual and non-transferable.
  3. Memberships in the club are for the calendar year only with all memberships expiring on December 31st each year. 
  4. The annual meeting of the Glen Annie Women’s Golf Club shall be held in October.  The Board of Directors shall provide for the holding of other meetings as may be deemed necessary or desirable. 

Article 4 – Board of Directors
  1. The Board of Directors shall consist of members in good standing and shall exercise all powers of management of the club not specifically excepted by these By-Laws.  The Board of Directors shall include the General Manager of Glen Annie Golf Club or the General Manager’s nominee. 
  2. The slate of nominees for the board of directors will be made available via e-mail to the membership and a vote will take place at the Annual Meeting in October.  The vote can be made at the meeting or by email prior to the meeting. 

Article 5 – Amendments to By-Laws
  1. The board of Directors shall have the power to repeal or amend any of these By-Laws provided that such action shall not be effective until approved by a majority vote of the membership.

Article 6 –  Rules and Regulations

1.      In order to participate in the Glen Annie Women's Club Championship, a member must have played in at least two (2) regular play dates in that year prior to the championship. (amended 04/02/2015)
2.      Players without an established index may participate in monthly net competitions using a handicap "trend" as long as they have either submitted to the board or posted a minimum of three (3) 18-hole scores. (amended 04/02/2015)